Mark Seven is hailing from the city of Harrisburg, PA. He is an emcee who loves hip hop and is trying to keep it hip hop. Seven is truly a unique individual. Never following the crowd, he has always stayed true to keeping his music positive and uplifting t...o the younger audience, always keeping God in his life and showing that there is nothing wrong with it. Mark Seven has aspired, and succeeded, to mature in music and has adapted different styles of hip hop, believing that variety, as well as consistency, is key. He writes with an attitude of a perfectionist, meaning that if it isn't going to sound right,  it isn't be done. Because of this he keeps his writing to a minimum, only doing it when the inspiration hits him. In the past couple years Mark Seven has began producing his own tracks and has aligned himself with his younger brother, Tito Sosa of the E.P./O.C. (Enterprise/Organized Crime) collective and has collaborated with the likes of Jay White, Rum & Del, Shift Da Infamous, Cinnoman, B.Mills, Poe Hoodlum, DaBoyNat aka Nat King, Mike Goodz, & Rock On, among others. He has also worked with, hosted, and appeared on several mixtapes by Hungry Entertainment's Award-winning DJ O-Dini. He has released a couple mixtapes of his own and will continue to release projects in the coming months. Keep your ears open..  

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