One of Harrisburg's elite emcees, Pakk has the potential to go all the way.  Growing up in Harrisburg ,P.A. he found the desire to rap at an early age and he soon starteed spitting  like or better then the older emcee's around him. Known as the punchline don, his name began to ring bells in P.A. and Pakk went on to form a team of fire spitters as well know as the "secret six".   Soon after that he was dealing with mount high records and doing shows in P.A. , V.A. , N.Y. etc.  Pakk then formed another team by the name of F.C.F. "family comes first" who put out some songs that local deejay's couldn't help but play in the local clubs.  Pakk will never forget where he comes from "the projects" with his close friends and associates PB'Z a.k.a. "Project Boyz";  Pakk is now back with the team he  co founded, E.P./O.C. Ent.  and working on his debut project . Be on close watch and alert as this Project Boy does big things.

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