Tito Sosa was born Esdras Domenech in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was greatly influenced by Hip-Hop Music, and with a Hispanic background, has had the opportunity to travel several times to Puerto Rico and to the Dominican Republic where music of Spanish culture, such as Salsa, Bachata, and Reggaeton has also influenced him. As time continued, he matured with his music and decided to start making beats, which he quickly developed a skill for. Influenced by Latin percussion, and melodies, Tito Sosa developed a unique sound of music in both Hip Hop and Spanish Hip Hop and Rap, Reggaeton. He is now the co-founder of E.P./O.C., a local indie rap entertainment group and also a co-founder of Cartel Fly, which is a branch of O.C. and co-founder of Wise Guys Productions, where he produces beats with several other members.

How I Feel - Tito Sosa.mp3

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